Hi dears,

I had to show you these pics, because I am all excited with my new cool shawl. There are some good reasons why.. First of all, it is done with the crafty hands of a friend of mine and I appreciate the hand work and what is made with love and care. I have know Andrea for many years already -we are friends from my Jamaica times, you can imagine!- and she is all love and care.

Second of all, because it is totally cute, super soft and very versatile. I have used it in many occasions already and It always looks great. It is rectangular and can be used as an open poncho or as a shawl. The back has a beautiful pattern with colours. There are many colours,  this is the redish but I have another one in blue.

Andrea has always been very creative. Very soon after landing in UAE, she started with another friend her business and now she designs and stitches not only the shawls but also really cute bags and beach wear.. She does too beautiful pareos and light kaftans great for that lazy swimming pool afternoon or that “I-cant stop-it” read at the beach. I recommend you to check it not only because she is my friend, but also because her creations are worthy and you will like them.

I guess that is enough selling -lol!-, but I wouldn’t say it, if I wouldn’t like them and I love them!. Now lets go briefly through the outfit details. The black top is from Mango but I have very similar from H&M, Zara.., the long skirt is from a flea market many years ago- if I am not wrong, it was in Madrid- the bag is from Fendi, pendant from Tous, mix bangles and the super shawl from Hosaz.





Lots of love,



Stylish Flamingos in Dubai


Hi dears,

If one weekend you feel the need to be in nature and see wildlife and you are in Dubai, I have a proposal for you. It is not close to the metro, so you will need a car. It is the Flamingo Sanctuary at the Ras Al Khor area. The sanctuary has shallow waters  like mangroves that are great for these gorgeous birds, but watch out as there are more than just flamingos in Dubai. You can find many other species.

Mangroves are also a bit smelly sometimes specially when the weather is hot, just avoid the wind blowing your way if it is one of those days.


There are a pair of entrances to the sanctuary. Each of them will take you to a little house with a guard inside and plenty of pictures and info on the wildlife as posters. There are also some binoculars you can use. I took my camera and while they were busy, I used my own zoom to observe.

On the day we went, there was quite a lot of people. This and the fact that there are property development even taking over the mangrove area, made me think… it is true that everybody wants to be close to the little nature we have here but, where is the limit?. This for example, shouldn’t be allowed. Already the area is surrounded by an industrial area and plenty of roads with quite a lot of traffic. Do we really need to build right there? (This is a subliminal message to those nonexistent Dubai Urban planners). 

Anyways, back to the flamingos… Did you know?

About their beak

Flamingos filter-feed  their food ( shrimps and algae) with their beaks. They  are specially adapted to separate mud and silt from the food and are uniquely used upside-down. The filtering of food items is assisted by hairy structures called lamellae which line the mandibles, and the large rough-surfaced tongue. Only one of the jaws moves, the other is fixed.


About their pink

The pink color of flamingos comes from the betacarotenes in their diet. The more healthy, the pinkier.. and that is something the females take into account when mating. Who says guys can not wear pink now, eh??


About their size

They can measure from 80 cms to 1.40 cms.. they are BIG! and for some reason they like to stand on one leg only..who knows why.


About their name

They say it comes from their color… like of a “flame”.


And now some pics to show you my visit!!




WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVEHoping that this post inspires you to go, visit and enjoy the Dubai Flamingo Sanctuary anytime soon!



Lots of luv,


Araceli Gallego




Hi dears,

I have been watching the terrible news on TV about our beloved Nepal in the aftermath of the huge earthquakes. At the moment 3.200 people have died, no water or electricity are working, the capital Katmandu is down to rubbles, the roads are torn apart, the airport is most of the time closed, the brave montaineers at the base camp of Mount Everest are waiting to be rescued while resisting avalanches.. Not easy. The images are heartbreaking. On top of that Nepal is a small country, very dependent of tourism and now its treasures are damaged.

I want to use my humble platform in the blogosphere to ask for help. I normally cooperate with Red Cross, but if you prefer Red Crescent, go ahead and use it. They are both serious and your money will reach the neediest. If you can not donate at this moment, please send this post or the link to your friends to assist to reach more people and get more funds to assist.

They are needing hospital supplies, shelters, tents, covers, food, water and help to reconstruct the infrastructures- water, electricity, drainage, telephone lines.. All help is welcomed.

Click on the link below to start your donation and thanks a lot for all the assistance to spread the word.

One Love,


Araceli Gallego

SOS Nepal




Hi dears,

Dubai is so full of events, some times it is hard to keep up with all that happens here. For example, Shoemart celebrated just recently its 25 years. This shoe company has been already quite a while in Dubai, right? They have shops in most of the malls I like. For this anniversary, they organised an event to show their new collection for Spring / Summer 2015 with their new face, Maya Diab. She is a Lebanese actress, singer and fashion icon.

The event had two violinists playing amazingly and the music of the Dj’s after it was not bad at all. The collection was very fresh, with very bright colors and some of the very chunky soles in white plastic that are so in vogue. They also showed ballerinas and sport shoes in futuristic silver and golden shades.

There were shoes shown for every occasion… for the office, for dinner out with your better half, to go to the beach with your gang, for your day off lazing around doing nothing.. What I like most about Shoemart is that their shoes are very affordable, so you always end up buying an extra pair even if it was not on your initial list. And even if they are cheap, they don’t look cheap, which is I think the secret to their success in sales.

Well dears, I have put together some of the best pics in the collage above to be able to show you a bit of what the night held.  I fell in love with the metallic with diamond appliques shoes of the presenter -also from Shoemart- and the black transparent sandals from Maya Diab…I would say they are part of the Fantasy collection if I would be asked. They are both gorgeous don’t you think?


Hope you like the shoes and the inspiration!!

Araceli Gallego



Hi dears,

I know very well this is not a political blog and I can tell you I am far from loving politics. Still, once you know the nightmares of living under an embargo, I needed to share my happiness when it comes to Iran and the talks they are keeping now to lift the Iranian embargo. Same as with Cuba.. when the news broke about the Cuban conversations, I shed some tear or two. Both are indeed historical moments and we are living them, not reading from a book or visiting at a Museum.. That is why I introduce this topic under the “What I Just Love” brand.

what I Just Love

First of all, the conversations are just starting so, it might be too early to celebrate. Secondly, the initial reasons for the embargo from the US and EU are still there and are not something to be dismissed. The potential threat of Iran to have nuclear weapons produced…

What they are talking about now is just a framework and already on this, all sides need to be in agreement. Obama has still to convince his people and in EU, we are a lot of countries to get to be on the same page. I want to trust that Iran has a good will on this, although how can we be certain? .. That is the essence of trust I guess. More work to be done there with check ups, commitments and to try to have an open mind. I found out that US and Iran didn’t “officially” spoke for already 35 years.. Now, after this long and with all the prejudices from both sides, I can see this will need a lot of work to make it a reality. Still, I think it is worthy and will be a great achievement for diplomacy.

Lets see what happens and hope for the best.


Politically yours ( for once!),

Araceli Gallego




The second best Marigold Hotel

The best Marigold Hotel reviewHi dears,

Today we went to the movies using the Du Tuesdays offer- Yep! Again.. Who doesn’t love a discount?. This time we decided on The second best Marigold Hotel.. Just recently I watched the first movie on TV and I wanted to see the second part of it.

I love the aesthetics of this movie. India must be really inspiring ( too bad, I still didn’t have the pleasure of going there being so close by!). The colors, the rituals, the people, the wisdom, the family, and the dancing.. maybe it is all only in the movies. I can assure you in Spain there are not so many toreros and not all of us are flamenco dancers or dress with flowers in our head and say Ole!.. Stereotypes, right?

This movie inspired me to write almost immediately as there were some topics they touched with bare hands and feet.. Time and the lack of time, being one of them. The Marigold Hotel is a hotel for “the elderly and beautiful”.. like a pensioners house but in a hotel shape and with more spicy food probably.

The characters are of certain age ( or should I say old.. it sounds rude, kind of impolite.. we use so many euphemisms for aged..) and so they speak pretty openly of the time they have or might not have. Even the owner of the hotel speaks about that quite (too much) upfront. All this made me think.. In reality, none of us, no matter the age, we don’t have certainty of much time we still have left on earth, still we live without this in perspective… at least in my culture. At least, me.

Why is this? Is this because we are too scared of uncertainty that we rather look elsewhere, is it because without idea of future we might feel hopeless, is it because we, somehow believe in reincarnation or our souls flying around that we don’t see death as a concern? I don’t have an answer, but it strikes me. I am so unprepared, I have so much staff to do and so little time.. Time again.

What would happened if we would change our mindsets and live our lives as if every day could be the last? Would we be more grateful, maybe fight less, try to see what is really important and what not, would we kiss more, laugh more….. or right the opposite and live in agony, fear, desperation? Most religions offer an afterlife. Do we really want that, do we really need that? It’s a comforting thought indeed, but are we losing the benefits of the other vision for fear?

The other topic I loved, it is kindness, care, humanity.. Almost at the end of the movie, in a scene, someone tells something like this..- I came to see you and pay you respect. You decided to plant a tree, even though you know you will not enjoy it.- Time and the lack of it right there, but at the same time.. Choice, option… what do we do with our time? What do I do with my time? Can it be considered a seed, would it someday become a tree?.. I like this thought. Actually I think this is totally awesome.. Be good, do good.. No matter what. In Spanish we even have a saying.. Haz bien y no mires a quien, something like “Do good, no matter to who”.

Ok, my dears, enough for tonight.. I need to think. I need to sleep. I hope I have time to do it all! Lol. If you ever had these thoughts crossing your mind, please feel free to share.

Good night!


Araceli Gallego




Hi dears,


In case you didn’t know her as yet, let me introduce you to Aiisha Ramadan, the designer, the fashion guru in this side and in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean ( actually also on the other side of the Pacific Ocean too!.. L.A.).

She has dressed some of those celebrities every designer dreams to dress.. Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Teron, Paris Hilton, Raya Abichared.. and even a blogger fellow of mine.. Simone Heng. And all this, in really a very short time. That is due to what I call – either you have it, either you don’t -Talent. 

Born in Lebanon, she followed her instinct and launched her brand AIISHA in 2006. Ever since, she has won a lot of prizes and awards. The one that I find cooler ..when she was named as one of the 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 ( Yallah!)  and at the recent Women Leaders UAE2015 she won in the category of Contemporary Fashion designer. There is many more..kind of like karma.. She dresses the beautiful people going to the Oscars, the Grammy’s etc..and all that effort to make them shine, pays back.

Aiisha Ramadan will be showing her collection in this coming Fashion Forward (Register if you havent already. This year is from the 10 to the 13th of April). The collection is called Queen of Scotts and let me tell you it is simply beautiful and clean. The silhouettes are straight, embracing the models bodies and to me, they are very elegant and timeless. She picked strong colors: Purple, reds, blues, blacks, greens.. all in perfect harmony with the embellishments. Not too much, not too little.. just perfect.

Here you have some of the pics of this gorgeous collection.. Let me know your thoughts. Do you like them? When would you use them? Which one is your favorite?

Lots of Luv,


 WHAT I JUST LOVE What I just love What I just love What I just love What I just love What I Just Love





It has been a while since last time I posted a look for the lookbook files ( aka #OOTD, Outfit of the day). Reason?… Well, the pics were very well kept in my husband’s iphone and he kept on forgetting to send them to me. Lol!

Anyways, here they are finally!. Let me tell you a bit about them. There is always a history behind everything at the end of the day.

Not too long ago I went to the Dubai Outlet Mall with my girlfriends Maria Elena, Daniela and Ines. The girls who shop together stick together! or at least have great fun together, eating cake, getting lost in the Mall and helping each other to find THE piece. They literally kicked us out of the Mall and I reached home after midnight. We, women are very collaborative when shopping and we might divide in groups and coordinate the different tasks or divide the areas of the shop. Specially when you have nothing in particular in your radar and another friend does. It is normally not planned, It is just our Shopping Project Management Skills ingraned I guess. So while one is doing the queue to the changing room, the other will check for more stuff or a particular size and if happens to find something that another girlsfriend might like, will take it to her. If one of us is already inside the changing room and is in need of another size or shoes of a certain height, Yallah! There we go. To the rescue!


WWW.WHATIJUSTLOVE.COMThat day I bought this pretty dress.  It is from Michael Kors  and totally fell for its tone of intense green and the sixties cut. It has very nice metallic accents around the neck area.

The day we took the pictures for this lookbook was a very busy day indeed. You need to fully adapt all the looks depending on the situation. For the office and the dinner on that day, I paired the dress with a black shiny tuxedo type jacket that I got from TopShop  changing it later for a blue long jacket from Next for the fashion event. Believe it or not that day it was a bit chilly ( yep! in Dubai we also get some cold from time to time). The short boots are from Esprit and the bag is my cherished black croco Hermes.


With this two lookbook options I went to the office and after that to two different events. One the Spring/Summer preview of the brands under the Landmark umbrella (Reiss, Yours, New Look, Lipsy and Koton) and after that to a work related dinner at Maset Al Yakout in Wafi Mall. I just changed the jacket and the shoes and ready to go!.

I will tell you more about those two events as they deserve their own posts.

Besito for now!


Araceli Gallego





What I Just Love in Snoopy Island

Hi dears,

UAE is the amazing little country that I call home now and I am enjoying to go to around and learn new places. Having lived in so many countries, this one has corners that have such an unique beauty that it feels like poetry… the desert, the mountains, the sea, the souks..

Just recently we went to Snoopy Island in Fujairah. There is a little independent hotel there called Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort. There are others close by in Aqah but we chose this one as it is right in front of the rocky island of Snoopy Island.

Driving from Dubai to Aqah takes more or less 2 hours (around 180 Kms) and the drive is worth a few stops. The Hajar Mountains took my breath away. They are truly amazing, powerful, mysterious and with almost no vegetation.

What is special in Snoopy Island is that there are around the island many fishes and sharks.. Yep! Sharks.. The island stops the currents and is shelter of many different species including sharks.

The distance from the beach of the hotel to the island is almost nothing, so you can easily swim and at the hotel you can rent the goggles and the fins. I took my GoPro for a first dive. It was really cool! Dont miss the snorkeling or the diving while being here.

If you feel like touring around there is another stop close to the hotel that is worth the visit. It is the Al Bidiyah Mosque. The oldest mosque in the entire emirates ( 1446 AD). It was built with stone and mud almost in front of the sea. Beside it, on top of the hill, there are two watch towers. In the night the pictures are beautifully dramatic.

As I am not Muslim I can not enter the little mosque but the roof and the shape of it it is really graceful. The four domes remind of the Ottoman empire and that is why it is also called Ottoman Mosque.

And if you keep on driving a bit more you end up in the capital of the emirate: Fujairah. It has a great park to walk right beside the sea and in front of the port. I have something with ports. I love the structures, the movement of all those cranes like in a ballet, their colours, the lego-containers all piled up.

I hope this post inspires you to visit this amazing place so close to Dubai!


Araceli Gallego



Hi dears,


I am in love with the DU Tuesdays! If you have a Du number just send the message “Movie” to 9979 and get your 2 tickets for the price of 1. There are many other offers to go half price to the cinema, depending  if it is VOX or Reel they have special agreements with many of the credit cards : HSBC, Mashreq etc.. So there you go, no excuse to go with your friends or your special one to the cinema.

And the movie that I saw last time was Kingsman- The Secret Service. I was waiting for it just to see again Colin Firth. He is in my humble opinion a great actor.. yep! and I must admit also very sexy. I guess Bridget Jones is the one to blame.

The movie is long – over 2 hours- but I didn’t wanted it to finish at all!. It is an awesome film and it made me laugh most of the time. It is action packed, but also comedy. Like Samuel L. Jackson- impersonating the super villain- having a lisp and some of the situations.. like a special gala dinner with McDonalds. (Well, why not?).

There is a new kid on the block too.. His name is Taron Egerton and he acts as Eggsy (not sure what kind of nickname is that, I never heard it before!). He is the son of one of the deceased Kingsman and mentored by Colin Firth will become one of them. The training is uff!.. I am glad we dont have this kind of programme in my gym.

If you get dizzy by the sight of blood or you have children maybe it is not your thing but for the rest,  there you have my full recommendation to watch it. This is the trailer!

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the PopCorn!


Araceli Gallego