Well, they are back again and yes, they will rule your candy feet this summer… I see Mules in every magazine, in every shop window, I dream with them.. and aren’t they gorgeous? Well, I guess it depends. I like them but if they are too chunky,.. not that much. What it is true though is that they are great for summer.. super comfy and allowing for cross ventilation (does it sound too engineery?Lol).

Check the ones I have selected for you in case you want to have some inspiration.

By the way, have you seen the super cool giveaway we are partnering now with Glambox. Check it here .. You can thank me later.. ;)




Mule Gianvitto Rossi- Bellisimo!!!


Mule Stella McCartney- This gorgeous shoes are the Yasmin Pumps. According to the site they are unstructured for extra comfort and can be flattened at the back to slip on like a slipper. Cool! (Price around 765 USD)


Mule Zara- Cool, pretty and affordable! – only 395 Dhs.


Mule from Zara.. very similar to the McCartney’s and only 425 Dhs!


Celine has very imaginative approach for their mules.. I fell in love with this ones!


And these beauties are Celine’s too!













Hi dears!!


Today I have great news. Sara Alateeqi, Kuwaiti entrepreneur and fashion designer (Qumar 14) has put together a beautiful website  where you can find local and regional designer pieces.


If you are looking for special and unique pieces of clothig, jewelry, accesories and cute things (like cushions!!). Go check her website

If you are a designer and want to sell on their site, send an email to and attach your lookbook and your product shots. They will contact you back.

By the way, they also have a store in Kuwait, so it is a great extra exposure!!

I am proud of people like her that pushes forward and gives opportunities to new designers. The beginnings are hard, we all know, and this is just an initiative that made me smile. Hopefully soon, my bags will be there too!!

Lots of luv,



Hi dears!!

I met just recently the husband of a fellow friend of the Dubai Bloggers Community and his work is just so amazing. I wanted to write about it before but work kept me very busy and couldnt edit and post appropiately.

The exhibition was in DUCTAC ( Mall of the Emirates) but I am pretty sure he is not going to be lacking galleries and clients at all here in Dubai. He paints amazingly and the exhibition showcased portraits in hyper realism on stereoids. Honestly it is like a photo, just that it is not and must have tons of hours of work  and a pulse of the best surgeon in the world. This is Edward Sutcliffe’s pieces of art…

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Please dont forget to like his page and share it if you know art collectors looking for unique pieces. You have also more pictures in the What I Just Love facebook page. Sharing is caring and we need to take care of our artists!

Art & Luv,





Hi dears!

Today is 5th of April and my security – concierge – smiley guy that helps me with doors and bags when super loaded, tells me with a smirk.- Miss, I have something for you.- I am subscribed to tons of magazines so I thought it was that. But noooo, this month I received my first Glambox at home!! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to be up in the apartment.

This concept is amazing, it is like any other subscription but you get instead beauty products.. all of them fantastic and glamorous. How I got to know about this treat? Last month’s Glambox was an exclusivity with Nivea and I LUV Nivea, so they called me for a short video. Check it here, love, like and share as much as you can.

YouTube Preview Image

It was fun, fun, fun.. and it is that I learnt all details about Glambox. You pay between 71 and 80 Dhs per month depending on the package you choose and once a month you get your Glambox delivered at your doorstep. I love to receive stuff and this feels like someone is reading your mind and putting all together in a pinky package for you.

Check out what comes in this April’s Glambox.. I did a funky video with all of them on Instagram .. Lol.

YouTube Preview Image
  • 2 sachets of Herbline Essentials- with Aloe vera and Honey Hydra 5 gel.
  • 2 products of Caudalie- one day perfecting fluid cream with SPF15 and other hand and nail cream with antioxidants.
  • 1 palette of Inglot – silver colour!- Glam, Glam, Glam- with a mirror and a cute brush.
  • 1 big brush from Glambox – they have all the set available on the Glambox shop. ;)
  • 1 Sunscreen SPF30 from Hawaiian Tropic.
  • 1 Dove Body Cream with shea butter and vanilla.

Just this weekend I got to go to the beach on Friday and to the pool on Saturday.. What do I need? Sunscreen!! My Nivea sunspray is about to be finished so.. tachan! When that happens I will start the Hawaiian Tropic. I looooove the smell! It takes me back to my days in Jamaica.. Nostalgia is so bad!!

Dove and I have been in love for already a number of years ( too many to count!) as I worked in the PR agency that started them in Spain (my best regards to the amazing team of Burson Marsteller now spread all over the world, muac.. love you guys!).  At that time we were testing the waters, trying to educate the population in the concept.. We would ask, ..What would you think if I tell you that you can have a moisturizer and a shower gel all in one without feeling greasy and actually cleaning? Same with the shampoo and moisturizer.. People couldn’t believe it initially. That account was fun, we did amazing stuff!. :)

I loved the product from day one and now I use most of the range -I need to mention the Dove hair fall rescue… blessings to whoever brought it up!!. Simone Heng helped me restock it as she is brand ambassador here in Dubai and adding to the fact that she is a great blogger, she is a super down to earth lovely person. Check her blog if you have a minute.

Herbline, Caudalie and Inglot are new to me but I will be testing them and sharing with you my thoughts.

The Glambox came also with some very cool vouchers:

  • Nstyle Voucher for a polish change.
  • A gift voucher of 500 Dhs from Wellbeing Medical Centre for a laser treatment or and Ultrasound cavitation treatment.

See my happy face.. I am going to try them all!! Nstyle I can already recommend and will you believe it!.. Just this week I was in Wellbeing Medical.. not for laser or cavitation but to get my neck fixed. Dr Gary Fitzgerald is my osteopath and my neck has this bad habit of getting stiff – I call it jiraffitis, doctors call it torticulis. So when you go, if you see him, say hi from me!



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Oh! Wow! We know Dubai is a melting pot with people from all walks of life, countries, cultures and languages. If you follow me on Instagram you will know too that I am a foodie and I am keen on trying any cuisine, but this one.. Boy! It was a surprise! Great Surprise for my palate!

Some months ago my husband and me decided to start looking for new places to dine. We think the Bur Dubai, Deira and Karama areas will hold great secrets and we were just driving – no GPS- until we would find something eye catching and stop to give it a try. From this experiment, some times we had not the best results, but this one time I must say, I honestly enjoyed it.

The restaurant is called Okryugwan – dont ask me what it means, not a clue-  and it is inside one hotel -Royal Ascot or something similar. I am not sure where it is, but you can check it on Time Out Dubai, because there is not that many North Korean restaurants in the world (around 12 in our planet). It looks like these restaurants are operated by the North Korean Government to acquire foreign currency and to maintain the expenses of the embassies. 


Honestly, we decided on it because at the entrance there was a beautifully dressed lady. Lol! This is what happens when you let us decide! She was wearing the traditional korean dress in baby blue and she was all smiles. The dress is absolutely gorgeous!

I have this fetish of buying traditional dresses and earrings in my travels (or my husbands!). I never  or very rarely wear the dresses outside home but I feel I have a piece of the country and the culture. If any one of you have the chance to get one of these korean dresses, remember me! 

The place is not the shiny gold and modern luxurious decor Dubai  has us accustomed to. It is pretty basic, feels like one of those chinese old restaurants back home. The food is very nice, but be aware, when it says spicy or hot, it really is.

The one thing you can not miss is the korean barbeque. It is very traditional and very yummy. In some other Korean restaurants they give you a plate of raw meat or fish and start the bbq, the cooking is for you to do.  The bbq is right at your own table. There is like a hole and inside it is the grill. At Okryugwan they do the bbq for you, so we had our gorgeous waitress show cooking for us.

Other thing I liked a lot were the dim sums. The pastry filled with chicken were delicious. I totally recommend you to try them. The soups were very nice too.. we choose one with kimchy – not knowing what it was really, but it looked like cabbage- here is when things got too hard to swallow. The flavour was very nice but it was really hot.  Spice is cumulative so the first spoons were ok, the rest were.. too much for me. ;) (fire extinguisher situation)

Here you have my pics. If you go, let me know your thoughts.




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Hi my dears!

This week is being pretty hectic but today was my last chance to enter this very cool competition. Let me brief you…Symphony, the amazing shop, has a current “Bloggers versus Stylists” competition about what would be your perfect summer outfit.  

To me the stylists are experts and what I humbly can provide is just my personal opinion, my personal favourites.. what suits me and what works for me and for my lifestyle. 

For example, I am very girly and maybe because of my job, not too casual, so this would be my summer style pick. No broken jeans, noot for me. I love a good little black dress that  can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Temperley London was the designer I chose for my wedding dress (although I feel she was the one choosing me, lol) and among all the beautiful designers and brands Symphony stocks, had to be my favourite. The flowery belt with some animal print is just gorgeous and adds colour to the dress. The belt is also part of the Temperley London cute creations.

Rest of accesories intent on facilitating the hot and lazy (here in Dubai not so breezy) summer days with neon pink cute sunglasses and a bandana to tie up your hair. I love those hairdos of the fifties with a bun and the bandana. Also, I am a big bag lover and this Michael Kors super tote is just perfect to carry all my sunscreen, lip balm, sarong and sunglasses cases. My husband always complains that I take to much stuff with me and therefor the big bags.. he doesn’t understand I need it all!! I think he is scared I might one day move out without him even noticing, Lol.

The sandals are Valentino’s.. I am in love with the rock stud babies and this version is fresh and cute. I have this type of sandals and they are so comfortable, you can walk hours on them!

Well, I hope you like my moodboard for this summer!! The dress and belt you can get it in BySymphony in this link . If you are in Dubai, go to Dubai Mall and once you have visited their shop, you can walk around and get all the rest of the outfit. Just be careful with the Level Shoe District, I know it has as side efect some serious withdrawal symptoms.

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lots of Luv,


My Summer Style #BySymphonyChallenge


Hi dears!


This is the second part of the blog post from the Taste of Peru event. Everything was so good on that day that it well deserves 2 blog posts. And Carlos Vigil  has to have one for him alone!. He is the other designer showcasing his amazing work at the catwalk in Madinat Jumeirah.

Carlos has been working in fashion for over 28 years. He is into Haute Couture and Pret a Porter. I got amazed by the details of the dresses, having used ribbon to criss cross over the silks and chiffons giving shape and definition with its intrincacy.. and all of it it is done by hand. I dont think there is any other way in this case. Simply beautiful!! He used colours I love ( purples, blues…) and to close the runway, a delicate bridal gown.


The name of the collection says it all – Metropolis- and it is inspired by the sky-scrapers of big cities and modern architecture. The patterns created by the criss cross and the embroidery definitely remind me of towers (just today I was in JBR and I was seeing dresses in every tower, lol).

The silhouttes are very sensual and feminine and it is not a surprise that between his clientele you can find all sort of celebrities, peruvian and international.

What I learnt in the press kit is that the Atelier is still a family business run by him and his three daughters : Cinthia, Lisseth and Vanessa, each of them specialised in one creative area (no accountants in this family!).

I have put together the pics of the catalogue. You can enjoy mine on the Facebook page.

Go, check, like and share at your will!

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More info on Carlos and in his Facebook page.





Hi dears!!

Last week, during the Dubai Food Festival (the name already sounds so yummy!), there was a rather different and lovely event I attended.. It was the Taste of Peru and it was organised by the Peruvian Embassy and the PR’s in TOH between others.

In the Amphitheatre in Madinat Jumeirah, they mixed two of the things I like most: food and fashion . I added another F to the equation.. -achtung with your thoughts! as I mean Friends! Seema and Julie were there too!!.


On the food side they showcased ceviche, empanadas, and many other tapas-sizes delicious dishes. On the runway, it was time to shine for Michelle Belau and Carlos Vigil. Two very talented fashion designers from Peru.

Allow me to introduce you to.. Michelle Belau!! In a different post I will show you Carlos Vigil amazing creations.

Lucia Cavero- the designer behind Michelle Belau- has beautiful and very wearable dresses. I fell in love with the shirt dresses, good for every occasion -including the office!. They have just opened a shop in City Walk- so good eh!.

See the covers for the head??I absolutely love them and was conspiring to do my own based on a very famous queen of Spain – Isabel (History reminder, yep!: the Catholic Kings). Like a year ago RTVE (spanish TV), started the broadcast of a TV series with her life and achievements and her dresses are to die for!! It is funny that the name of the actress in the role of Isabel is also called Michelle. ;)


Belau has beautiful silhouettes, simple yet sophisticated lines and they look comfy on top of it all. I would wear them all!!

Now the evidence,.. see the pics.

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Go get the look at the Michèlle Belau atelier in Citywalk, Safa Street, Jumeirah, Dubai
Tel: 04 344 9989





Hi dears!

Recently I wrote about some gorgeous Lanvin necklaces (to review blog post click here) and this is my take.



Whatijustlove.comLooks cool eh!.. I got it done at The Wired Up shop in Dubai Mall. A little shop on the way to the dancing fountains in Dubai Mall. They have them in Silver and Golden wire and can add different stones or shapes to it. I loved this turquoise shiney stone and we mixed it with the white for extra cuteness.



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