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A new word has entered our dictionary. This time we aim to know what is a gaiter in fashion and to my surprise new other words came up like spat or spatterdashes or puttee. Is anyone of them familiar? To me, no.. not even in Spanish!. These words have their history and I find them very interesting indeed.

What is a gaiter?

A gaiter is a piece of fabric worn over the shoe, extending to the ankle or the knee. They are worn over the shoe and lower pants leg, and used primarily as personal protective equipment. Originally, gaiters were made of leather. Today, gaiters for walking or hiking are commonly made of polyester or similar.

Think that before people used to horse ride and walk on the mud all the time. This was a way to protect the shoes and the legs form getting wet and dirty or hurt from the stirrups. On top of that, I think it gives a very nice silhouette to the leg.

Do you recall those gorgeous victorian shoes?.. Well, in your mental image you have the gaiter. Check these beauties. I like both for men and women.

what is a gaiter? GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE victorian gaiters, GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEES

Whats is a spat or Spatterdashes?

Spats, a shortening of spatterdashes, or spatter guards are a type of classic footwear accesory covering the instep and the ankle. Spats are not the same as gaiters. They cover different areas. It was an accesory very en vogue in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They fell out of fashion in the 1920s with the cars and concrete and asphalt streets.  The wearing of spats is often used as a symbol representing wealth, eccentricity, or both. Lol! I just have Scrooge McDuck in my head!! Well, still I find the spats very interesting and so did Chanel for the Summer/ Spring 2014.


chanel spats. GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEEspats chica. GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE










What is a puttee?

According to Wikipedia… A puttee, also spelled puttie, is the name, adapted from the Hindi patti, bandage, for a covering for the lower part of the leg from the ankle to the knee. It consisted of a long narrow piece of cloth wound tightly and spirally round the leg, and serving to provide both support and protection. It was worn by both mounted and dismounted soldiers, generally taking the place of the leather or cloth gaiter.

The puttee was first adopted as part of the service uniform of foot and mounted soldiers serving in British India during the second half of the 19th century. Originally comprised of long strips of cloth worn as a tribal legging in the Himalayas. The British India Army found this garment to be comfortable and inexpensive, although it was not as smart as the gaiter.

Eventually it stopped being used for hygienic and medical reasons (varicose veins). Also I can imagine it was not the fastest piece to be adjusted, imagine in case you are attacked by surprise. They have recently found an Austrian Soldier frozen in a glacier with a spoon inside his puttee. Looks like it was frequent when soldiers used to eat from a common pot to keep their spoon with them.

What is a gaiter? What is a puttee? What is a spat? GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE


I hope you enjoyed the post as much as me researching about this cool garments. Do you think they will have a comeback to our fashion scenes? Some are starting to show already…




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The 14th of February is just around the corner and maybe you are still not sure what to do for such a “lovely” day. If you are in Dubai, I have been doing some research of options that you might be interested in. These are the best plans for you and your Valentine in Dubai.

couple fingers- what I just love

Valentines wanting to Dine …

If you are both foodies, then you could go out to dine in a special place. Being in Dubai there are so many restaurants that it could be daunting to try to choose. These are the ones I find very interesting.

Sheraton Dubai at Mall of the Emirates is offering a pop up restaurant- V by Chef Waleed al Sadik- with breathtaking views from the 24th floor. It offers 5 course menu and beverages for 445 Dhs. Note that the ladies will receive a special gift from Shine Spa. To book: +971 4377 2353

If you, like me, love mexican food, then an option can be Rosa Mexicano. They have a special menu for Saint Valentine with Sea Bass Tamales or Tablones ( yummy!). Also Maria Bonita and Tortuga have special menus for the 14th.

Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers has three restaurants offering customized dinner menus for this special day.If you feel like Japanese food, at Creekside you have 5 course menu and one bottle of sparkling for only 399 Dhs. If you are feeling for indian, then the Ashiana by Vineet is your option. The italian restaurant in the hotel is called Vivaldi and has the same package with lovely italian food.  To book: +971 4 207 1717.

Yas Marina Circuit is putting together a package called “Love Birds Tour” where you can tour the Formula 1 circuit insides where normally only drivers and teams are allowed and after, have dinner in Cipriani (voucher of 350 Dhas as part of the package). The cost is 469Dhs. To Book you can call the toll free 800 YAS.

At the Mina A’Salam Hotel in Madinat Jumeirah you can rent a beach tent or a majlis for 4.500 Dhs. This super exclusive package includes a chauffeur picking you up from the hotel, a flower lapel for him and a flower corsage for you. You will have a butler serving you a welcome beverage before escorting you to the beach for your special dining. If you want to have an edible pic on top of a delicious cake of you and your partner, it is also included in the price.

If this is a bit too pricey, there is another option.. The Golden Abra, where you can eat onboard of one of the pretty abras in the Madinat Jumeirah, with bubbles, canapes, chocolate and flowers. The boats depart at 15.00 on the 14th and the trip takes more or less one and a half hour. The price of this one is 950 Dhs per couple.

Valentines wanting to relax…

Last year I enjoyed the 14th of February in an amazing way.. in a spa at the Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites. It was great for both of us and I love the concept of sharing the tranquility and peace. I recommend this spa very much, it is called the Saray Spa.

The Sofitel in Downtown Dubai has also a package of 60 minute couples massage, a hydro bath after it with lavender infusion that will make you relax and let go of the daily tensions. The cost is 950 Dhs.

If you are thinking of going out of Dubai, there is a cute hotel in Jabal Akhdar in Oman, in the middle of the gorgeous Al Hajar mountains. There, there is a spa – Alila- where you can enjoy different types of massages ( Balinese, Swedish, therapeudic, etc). I would love to go there, but on that same 14th I have class of my Digital Marketing Certification, so.. no weekend escape this time!.

Actually I am not even sure what will we end up doing at all.. I  have done my research as you can see, but after the class and the weeks work I have always been too tired… We were considering having another day as special but then, all our lives since we started dating have been very special. I guess it is the spanish way, we want to celebrate love, life and food  and any excuse is good enough!

What will you do? Want to share your plans with us? Please, please do so!.. at the comments section.


Lots of Luv,





Jabal akhdar -what i just love





Hi dears,

And the new word for the Fashionese- English dictionary is Lookbook!..We hear it everywhere, every season..but what is it? What is a lookbook ?

It is a collection of photos..  For models to show their beauty, for photographers, make up artists or stylists to show their talent, for bloggers to show a style or some outfit. In the case of designers, a lookbook is created to show the designers collection for the current season. It tends to focus on the clothes themselves so the pics don’t need to be very creative but be actually very illustrative.

Also there is web called Lookbook.nu that allows you to see and post your looks. It is great for inspiration and I think I created even a profile some time ago. Thing is, there is so much stuff around I just can not handle all of it. There other pages similar to lookbook.nu called Chicisimo.com, Polyvore. com or Trendtation.com if you are interested.

These are a good example for standard printed lookbooks..In order 1. From Serena Fagence.. 2. Markus Lupfer and 3. From Jota Mas Ge.

Examples of lookbooks

What is a lookbook in Fashion?

What is a lookbook? LOOKBOOK MARKUS LUPFER 2011








What is a lookbook? lookbook jota mas ge












If you have any other word you want to add to the dictionary, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment!

On the meantime, enjoy this beautiful month of February that just started. I love this month as it means.. Valentines! and on top of that, the weather is just gorgeous now here in Dubai. I am still not sure what to do, but lets see.. it has to be something cool, something unique .. My husband deserves only the best! Any ideas?





Glow Spa Dubai in Jumeirah opened its doors under a new aura.

Kay is one of a kind. This beautiful and delicate lady is the new manager and soul of Glow Spa Dubai. If you see her, you think she is a model but when you have the chance, as I did, to spend some quality time with her you see that she is like a little angel.

She studied psycology, interior design, beauty, alternative healings… a little bit of everything that was catching her attention.. eventually all that has been translated into this new business.

Glow Spa Dubai has been relaunched and has now a different aura. I was lucky enough to experience it. The day I went it was one of those days that you feel tired from  morning, too much work, too much of the million and one little things that pressure us in our daily lives,.. that in me translates to.. I had a terrible headache. Checking the menu of services I realised how many holistic treatments they had.. theta healing, SRT ( Spiritual Response Therapy), Shiatzu, clinical hypnotherapy, Dorn.. Ok, well, this is not the typical spa- I  thought. I am very curious about all this things and some I have tried in the past.

Kay explains each of them patiently and says that she named the spa Glow because she believed that beauty and balance must come from within to show in the outside. Oh, I want that!.. lately I feel kind of unbalanced!.

I choose a head massage and it was just great. I felt much better afterwards and got to meet Rishelle, the bridal and events expert. She can advise you how to look gorgeous. She is an experienced stylist from France that works with celebrities.. and she was giving me some tricks too.

This visit was eye opening, so I definitely need to work inside and outside.. for the inside, lets see how it goes!, for the outside.. I am going back to Glow!.. mmm.. I will try the alovera mani-pedi next time!



Lots of luv,


Glow Spa Dubai Insta Account







Hi dears!!

This last weekend at the site where our awaited D3 -Dubai Design District- is being built there was a rather unconventional event. What made it different was that, for once ,it was not totally glamorous and bling bling! It was street style but not with high heels and Gucci bags in the middle of Dubai Marina.. It was urban street style as in New York, London or Madrid ( yep!  we also have!).


V. I. S: Very Important Sneakers

The total king of the event were the sneakers.. all over, there were shops selling or just displaying them. The other king was the sun.. high up on Friday morning and we were all missing some shade. At the Ray Ban booth we even helped a girl that was feeling dizzy because of too much sun and heat.

Me and my partner in crime, Maria Elena,  walked all the booths.. we saw the shoes, the sneakers, the clothes, the bags, the sunnies,  the bicycles, the puma shop, the food stalls, the caps, the Minis.. I love the Minis, and the reinvention of the gipsy van using them was so cool!



There were some graffiti artists working to give the total alternative urban look to the event.. Remi Rough was working on a quite high wall and needed a lift to create his abstract griffitis. Antoine Tavaglione or Tava was having fun with a pink Garfield close to our soles.. we also had fun as you can see!




Right in the center, there was a basketball field where people could play and also areas to skateboard around. The shops where hosted in containers, versatile, mobile, easy to transport and with the total urban look. The Puma and the Reebok were my favorites. The Puma because of the bikes. The Reebok one because it was bringing all the nostalgia back to me.. see why?.. Who didn’t have one of these babies in our teenager years?



As usual I have some comments on Sole DXB.. The price was ok ( 50 Dhs) but it was quite difficult to reach. If you do not have a car with an updated GPS, all I can say, is Good luck!. The D3 is all mystery for me and I really wanted to see the insides and heart of the Design district but all of it is blocked as it is still in construction. I understand the restriction to enter as there is still a lot of works going on and it would be a liability and a risk to allow visitors in. As it was not as ready, I would have maybe chosen a different location.. closer to Dubai.

The sun and the heat was an issue. For next year please some “sunbrellas” or some more shade. Water and drinks were available for free and that was a big plus!. People were nice and ambiance was really great. There were supposed to be talks, but they were delayed and we decided that we will skip them because the place looked really “in the process” and we were not sure how long would it take to get finished. Same thing happened with The Level Shoe District.. Not even close to ready by the time we left.

I know we know that all the visitors to any venue or event in Dubai tend to come late ( actually very late), but I still find it too bad that the organizers are not ready when they are supposed to.

Well, that is all for now. If you have any questions or comments you would want to add, please feel free in the comment section.

Lots of luv,






My new Turkish Telkari earrings .. Thanks Elianne!

Turkish Telkari Earrings- What I just loveHi dears,

Elianne has been a contributor to my passion for earrings from around the world and she bought me these classic lovelies in her last trip to Turkey recently.

They are handcrafted in silver wire using a technique called Telkari and are sold under the brand Seyahan. You know me, the researcher ( CSI- Dubai!) … and I found some info about this very old technique.

A Bit of History

“Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia indicate that filigree was incorporated into jewelry since 3,000 BC. Specific to the city of Midyat in Mardin Province in upper Mesopotamia, a form of filigree using silver and gold wires, known as “telkari”, was developed in the 15th Century. To this day, expert craftsmen in this region continue to produce fine pieces of telkari.”

Well, that’s what the Wikipedia says.. and I believe it!- For some reason, whatever Google or Wiki says stands as totally true to me.

These particular earrings are coming from that city: Mydiat, from an Syriac orthodox family workshop, and what they have been doing for generations is to weld the 925 silver wire and twist it until it looks like this delicate lacework. It amazes me the work and the tradition behind it. .. 3000 years Before Christ.. wow!

Thanks Elianne !! My earrings collection just got upgraded thanks to you and your good taste!. I love my new Turkish Telkari earrings!! Now I will feel like Helena of Troy or Nefertiti when I am wearing them.!! Lol.. So full of history! You hear!


Lots of luv,








At the Grazia Fest

Darina calls me – Hey! What are you doing later on?

Me- mmm. Not much.. (on weekends, I can not really think fast for some reason..)

Darina- Well, then I pick you up and we go to Grazia Fest.

Me- mmm.. Ok!

So there we went! At around 17.00, even though the event was starting from 12.00 and the day before was on already.

Grazia was organising a festival type of event, the idea being a Coachella of sorts.. well, we are in Dubai, I guess we can not help it,.. so just when we were going in, some amazing ladies where coming out with stiletos and totally glamorous dresses.. Ok, maybe we should have checked the dress code.. what the lol!

Still, after our first impression, being beside the Barasti beach it was more relaxed than most of the events in Dubai and we enjoyed the time at the booths and with the familiar faces we were finding around.

There was an stage where some fashion brands where showing their pieces every now and then and DJ music, you could have a henna tattoo and get your make up or your nails done at Sephora booth or at Shiseido. The popo up shops were really cute and I saw some of my favourites ( Michele Belau, Vitrine designs, Charlotte Hudders, O’de Rose etc).

My lovely friend Viola was there too witha little booth. From her trip to Japan she brought really cool stuff. It is called Floats and they are toe rings, but like really pretty and rich. I bought one! I will show you in another post because I love it too much!.

Another stand that was a bit different was Cryo. They offer cryogenic treatment to lose weight and to smooth lines in the face. You could see how it works and well, it is cooooooold. Definitely the body treatment it is not for me (so prone to flus and cold feet and hands), but the face one, could be interesting to try.

One of the stands at the entrance ( Neutrogena if my memory doesnt fail) had the great idea of relieving stress the greek way.. by breaking plates with the sources of stress written by you.. Boy! not sure the science behind, but it works!

We enjoyed also some fire works and there was some concerts later on.. Our day it was Eliza’s Doolittle.. sadly I couldnt stay for that long. Friends that stayed said that she was good but maybe her performance was too short.

My thoughts on the Grazia Fest,.. It is really nice to have an alternative beachy- festival type of event- now that the weather is better-, the price thought was too high (150 Dhs), the food and drinks stalls were not too well organised like if you wanted coke it was a different queue than water ( somebody explain please!). Some booths were giving great goodies ( Iconic was really cool!) but still it feels like a pilgrimage of giving personal data and emails at every single booth. Still, I enjoyed it, but I enjoy whenever I am with my friends. By the way, do you know my lovely Darina has been nominated as Young Communicator of the year!! Yallah! I am so proud!!

Ok, enough for now.. Now let me show you some pics!





DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0017 DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0010 DSC_0007 DSC_0005


Ready to Boux!!

Hi dears,


In June I went to my first segregated runway in Dubai. Honestly, it surprised me but I think it was great for both sides of the screen.. the ones seeing the girls with their lingerie and the ones enjoying the shadows. Sometimes, less is more. I found it really sexy..

At that time Boux Avenue was coming as a new shop in Dubai, although it has been for some time already in UK here they were just opening their first store under the Al Ghurair Retail umbrella (ella, ella, eh eh.. ). They do lingerie, nightwear and swimwear.. and I went to the shop to get some pieces of the new cute collection.

Well, truth to be told.. they do cute but also, super hot stuff.. I remember some corsets that were totally gorgeous and will make my hubby faint (and me laugh with the situation of femme fatale!).

Well, back to Boux.. they are super experts and want you to feel as a queen so they have an “expert bra fitting advisor”.. hello? yes, not joking here.. and I must say I love the concept. I hate it when it is not the right size or the right shape and you have to try and try and try… This is a UPS for Boux I definitely like. Izilinda and Myles, the girls in the shop, were totally sweet and explained me all about how to make sure I choose the perfect size and the perfect bra. They know their stuff and have energy to light up half Dubai.

The shop I went to is the one in Dubai Festival City and it is really nice. I specially love the way the fitting rooms look like. You have switches for Concierge and also for three different light options. Cool, right?

Well, here you have some pics of my adventure at the shop and my purchases. What do you think? Lovely, eh? Now, are you ready Boo?

Lots of luv,





More info on Boux Avenue here.


Hi dears!


October is almost over.. In this month, we, women, receive zillions of messages in tv, radio, malls, media everywhere to check our breast and be very aware that with prevention we can get cured in the event we would find something as terrifying as cancer. Same as November is now Movember and guys are invited and prompted to check their prostates, October is the breast cancer awareness month.

Every year I write a message with this topic and it is because I love you, my readers, and as you know I have a close story related to this.  The importance of this check ups is huge, bigger that the uncomfort. Trust me!

You probably have heard of the Safe and Sound campaign that every october Burjuman puts in place. This year I was nominated to a cute game by Seema (from Sparkle with Seemz- follow her blog if  you have the chance). .. me and Anna, who I am so sad to see leaving Dubai ( Good luck, darling!). Let me tell you about the game. .. I have received an envelope with pink vinyl strips to glue to some of my shoe soles. I love crafts so I am in!!

While in Madrid recently, I had to stop to shop for some shoes ( the weather was not as I predicted) and I fell in love with this boots. Yallah! Now they will have a pinky sole. So if you see me walking around, your will be remembered of the check ups. ;)



With this I am to post it with the hastag #PINKBURJUMAN and nominate other two friends. I know this kind of campaigns happens only in October but I would want to  have this all year long. Maybe not the game, but indeed the message.

I did my check up already.. Did you do yours?


Lots of luv,









Hi dears,


I am still hanging there, coping with some exhaustion still .. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, which I have been postponing for some time.. Now it is time to take care of myself again, and I say again because I am one of those who psycologist tend to call workaholic. I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I love my job, so it takes me close to nothing to enjoy doing it and being in my nature to be passionate, I just dont know how to do things half way or draw the line.. It might be that I have this philosophy that if you are to spend so many hours per day in an office (or site or reception or vehicle) then you better like it. So I select my jobs carefully, making sure I am going to be happy there ( with the task, the people, the company…). I can consider myself very fortunate as I never, so far, had to  stick to a job I didnt like.. at least, not for long.

Then what is first.. the chicken or the egg?.. In the past I learned how to control and draw the famous line.. Now I dont stay longerrrrr hours, I realised it is not even something so efficient at the end of the day. In Spain, where I come from, if you dont stay until very late, you are not committed. Your boss will expect you to stay until whatever time. I grew up in that terrible culture (when it comes to time management, rest is not bad at all!). Thank God, I got to travel and see the world and other ways of doing.. UK, was my first lesson about how impossible hours would not benefit me or the company. Everybody deserves to have a life, to have time to study that other language, to go to yoga or squash, to go out with the friends or partners, to sleep or just do nothing at all… We are humans, not robots. By the way do you know where the name robot comes from?.. It comes from the russian verb “to work”.

Well, that said… I am now trying to control myself from my “own intensity”.. which is my new issue. Eight hours in full intensity and focus leave you totally worn out.  Any ideas how to tackle it? Beside taking holidays or trying to break more often..I can not think of anything else. The holidays seem unrealistic as I want to go in Christmas back home, so I need to save the days.. The breaks.. are not impossible but a bit unrealistic too as we have so many things going on.

Going to bed now, as it is part of my “from now on” resolutions… But before, Happy Halloween to you all!! Are you doing something special for the most scary of the nights?