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October is almost over.. In this month, we, women, receive zillions of messages in tv, radio, malls, media everywhere to check our breast and be very aware that with prevention we can get cured in the event we would find something as terrifying as cancer.

Every year I write a message with this topic and it is because I love you, my readers, and as you know I have a close story related to this.  The importance of this check ups is huge, bigger that the uncomfort. Trust me!

You probably have heard of the Safe and Sound campaign that every october Burjuman puts in place. This year I was nominated to a cute game by Seema (from Sparkle with Seemz- follow her blog if  you have the chance). .. me and Anna, who I am so sad to see leaving Dubai ( Good luck, darling!). Let me tell you about the game. .. I have received an envelope with pink vinyl strips to glue to some of my shoe soles. I love crafts so I am in!!

While in Madrid recently, I had to stop to shop for some shoes ( the weather was not as I predicted) and I fell in love with this boots. Yallah! Now they will have a pinky sole. So if you see me walking around, your will be remembered of the check ups. ;)



With this I am to post it with the hastag #PINKBURJUMAN and nominate other two friends. I know this kind of campaigns happens only in October but I would want to  have this all year long. Maybe not the game, but indeed the message.

I did my check up already.. Did you do yours?


Lots of luv,








Hi dears,


I am still hanging there, coping with some exhaustion still .. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, which I have been postponing for some time.. Now it is time to take care of myself again, and I say again because I am one of those who psycologist tend to call workaholic. I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I love my job, so it takes me close to nothing to enjoy doing it and being in my nature to be passionate, I just dont know how to do things half way or draw the line.. It might be that I have this philosophy that if you are to spend so many hours per day in an office (or site or reception or vehicle) then you better like it. So I select my jobs carefully, making sure I am going to be happy there ( with the task, the people, the company…). I can consider myself very fortunate as I never, so far, had to  stick to a job I didnt like.. at least, not for long.

Then what is first.. the chicken or the egg?.. In the past I learned how to control and draw the famous line.. Now I dont stay longerrrrr hours, I realised it is not even something so efficient at the end of the day. In Spain, where I come from, if you dont stay until very late, you are not committed. Your boss will expect you to stay until whatever time. I grew up in that terrible culture (when it comes to time management, rest is not bad at all!). Thank God, I got to travel and see the world and other ways of doing.. UK, was my first lesson about how impossible hours would not benefit me or the company. Everybody deserves to have a life, to have time to study that other language, to go to yoga or squash, to go out with the friends or partners, to sleep or just do nothing at all… We are humans, not robots. By the way do you know where the name robot comes from?.. It comes from the russian verb “to work”.

Well, that said… I am now trying to control myself from my “own intensity”.. which is my new issue. Eight hours in full intensity and focus leave you totally worn out.  Any ideas how to tackle it? Beside taking holidays or trying to break more often..I can not think of anything else. The holidays seem unrealistic as I want to go in Christmas back home, so I need to save the days.. The breaks.. are not impossible but a bit unrealistic too as we have so many things going on.

Going to bed now, as it is part of my “from now on” resolutions… But before, Happy Halloween to you all!! Are you doing something special for the most scary of the nights?











Hi my dears!


It has been a while since my last post.. almost a month. I am sorry.. all my efforts to try to post more regularly were just vanished, just dissapeared know sometimes life throws things and situations at you that require your full attention and now, a month later I am still there.. with my mind lost somewhere between stress, sadness and limbo.

This last month, month and a half has been crazy.. I normally dont get too personal in this blog.. it is about fashion, lifestyle.. it is supposed to talk about something that doesnt hurt ( even if sometimes certain styles may hurt our eyes), it is supposed to stand by the name -what I just love- not what makes me think or what makes me sad or what makes me just want to give up.. but all those feelings are very present in my life too. I guess in todays days we all want to look picture perfect and this aint pretty.. feelings are actually quite messy.

Anyways, just bear with me while I try to get back on my feet and feel the happy vibrant me again. I miss me.. so it is my duty number one. I wanted to do so many things this September -October.. I wanted to attend and enjoy Fashion Forward, I wanted to help Maria Iqbal to prepare for it, I wanted to go to Gitex, learn a zillion things related to mobile apps and technology, I wanted to attend the Spanish Embassy for our national day, design more bags, push a new blog in spanish and keep on writing for my friends and fellows,.. one very interesting collaboration with Mona has been bugging me but I just could not write a word.. I just couldnt even call.. I felt blocked. Sorry dears.. I just realised I am so very human that it scares me.

Bit by bit, one step at a time..







Hi dears!


Even though I couldnt hold it when I just finished it and inmediately I posted the pic in Instagram, I want to share with you some more info of this cute little creation of mine.

The inspiration has been my very good friend Sofia Bernate. She is unique, super intelligent, an amazing woman, full of energy and love. As adventourous  and curious as me and therefore best companion of many confidences, trips, outings (also nighty ones!) and excursions while I was living in Jamaica. You didnt know? Well, I lived in Jamaica almost 6 years.. I will tell you more another day, I need more that a small mention for this blessed island in the middle of the Caribbean that I called home for so many years.

www.whatijustlove.comBack to Sofi and the bag named after her.. The idea came from a piece of fabric my friends from Regal gave me to start playing around with the sewing machine. They are really generous and where most of my designs come to be a reality. So, see the fabric.. it is red with cute black polka dots, some of them with a rim of beads in white.

Having not too much of the same fabric I worked the design around – even though Sofi loves huuuge bags, the piece was not too big.  I came up with a even more passionate red piece of fabric for the linen to make even a bigger impact and avoid the polka dots of one side of being visible in the other.

I also added some interfacing to give it more structure and to protect the fabric as I think it might have been part of a sari or something delicate, specially the exterior fabric. You see there is a fold in the front? This allows for more interior space, gives more volume and breaks a bit the total symmetry of the polka dots. I love symmetry but in this case, I needed to break it and play with it.

To close the bag, I found a vintage metal frame with ball clasps and a cute Oh-so-Mrs-Daisy handle. This part was the trickiest to sew as it has to be done by hand and making sure the fabric and the linen (and the interfacing) would not move from the “assigned” hole and sticht to the frame.

I loved it and I will be doing more of this type some time soon.

On the meantime,  I stay tuned as I am really doing quite a lot of crafts now. (yuhuuu!).

Lots of luv,







Hi dears,


I am very excited to show you some of the pics of the collaboration with Wolford. It is funny, but since we initiated the conversation, wherever I was going I was just finding Wolford shops (in every cute corner in Paris, Madrid and here in Dubai Mall).

I always loved stockings and here I am using them for the office specially. Lets face it, Dubai is right now hot and humid, so stockings might not seem the perfect match, but in my office – where I spend soooo many hours of my day- it is freezing cold.. no matter if it is summer or winter. Lets just say we -females and males- have a fight over the A/C control and they always win. The tights are great and solve my problem and if you, like me, like them thin, then you can use them everywhere indoor and outdoors.

The selected tights were black with  10 den and back seam .. the devil is in the details, and this one model is just sexy and at the same time is a total classic. They are super soft and very resilient.  I styled it in two ways.. one in a naughty way with my hubby’s shirt, a mini skirt and the other with a LBD from New Look that I like a lot and I constantly mix with jackets in white or black. The shoes are from Pierre Cardin and are the typical lady Oxford shoes with pretty black and caviar bead accents. I could have also used heels but I found this look easier and so comfy I could run a marathon with.

Wolford has more than just tights. If you check on its website or visit one of its shops, you will find it has also swimsuits, bodies and pretty lingerie. They also have a ready to wear section with nice dresses, skirts and tops and another section called “Shape and Support” ( to keep things in place!). I also discovered that they also have an accessories line with belts, scarves and some stockings gloves that look amazing.

Ok, lets go for the pics.

I hope you like them!




I always enjoy the talks at Fashion Forward as much as the runways. There are so many insights, wisdom, advise, .. and all of it, it is there if you are opened to it. Now that is about to be another edition I was just remembering about this amazing talk I enjoyed so much of the last edition.

I honestly wanted to attend this talk because I saw a spanish name on the panel and I like to support my nationals, even if it is just as listener. I love shoes, but I am not really in the shoe business. Then I realise that the panel was amazing with Aennis, Shamsi and Amanda Navai as shoe designers.

Let me briefly introduce you to them.. Aennis is a Jordanian with an amazing sense of aesthetics. He is an architect and is obsessed with geometry and calligraphy. His unique shoes reflect both: the architecture and the beautiful arabic calligraphy. I discovered him through Instagram. His feed made me dream…I was seeing my little ravioli feet with beautiful words around. I still can not read arabic -left alone the calligraphy- I just trust that they dont say “stinky feet” or “I need a pedicure” kind of message ( Aennis I hope I am not giving you ideas! Lol).

Aennis was for me the most authentic within the panel (sorry guys, everybody has a favourite!).

Amanda shoes are very nice too. Her UPS is that they are made out of pythom and she spoke about how she started the shoes out of the leather scraps from the bags. Pythom is expensive material to use and if you can maximise the leather piece, then you should. She mentioned a lot the need to be on top of your business ( so true, creative souls of the world listen attentively..). She moved to Lebanon because of that.. same as Aennis lives in Italy. Just be where you produce and keep your eyes on the production to make sure your standards are understood and kept at all times.

Rania and Alberto were representing the Shoe Level district. For those who don’t know it is like shoe paradise, all the most beautiful, unique shoes in the world live there happily ever after, being admired and purchased by savvy shoe lovers. This heaven is ruled and curated by Chalhoub group.

Shamsi is a local designer of male traditional shoes. He knows perfectly his market and what works here. Sure he wants to grow but he is seeking the best way to do it without loosing hi straditional touch. Not easy.. Local o Global..What is it Glocal in reality? Should we loose our identity to open new markets or show we just stick to what we know best, what we are comfortable with?

During the talks, we heard both answers: yes and no. So I guess we will have to find our way accordingly to our personal circumstances. These were some of the messages said during the talk…


The most important thing is passion.


As a designer, be humble..

Listen to the retailers, listen to the customers, listen to everybody…


Start by little…


It would be great to develop the craftmanship for footwear in the region.


Prada is not my competitor…


I posted all the pics of the talk on the Facebook Blog’s page, but here you have some of them. I am so lucky to have a cute pic with Aennis!..Next step is having a pic with his cute shoes!.




REEMAMI at The Cartel

Hi dears,

This Thursday was great! Yep! Normally my favorite day of the week is Friday ( I was born on a snowy Friday, which in Madrid is kind of unusual!). But this Thursday was great because I had a blast. After a very intense week of work and many sleepless nights because I miss my hubby, I gathered the energy to get to The Cartel with my friend Rizza to see the special edition of Reemami.

You might have seen already the Frida print everywhere… but in color. For The Cartel it will be in Black and White, their signature colors. The event was great, with VBP (very beautiful people) and with Reema Al Banna around for questions and pics. I like her a lot. We meet at an event when she was the face of Samsung, kind of a fashion incubator and she was the mentor.. I dream of having such a cool mentor, but I was far from ready to join the program.

Reema had a great idea and now her brand is easy to identify. The print is totally unique, coming out of children’s version of Frida’s self portraits. Unibrow is the name of the collection by the way. Frida was unique, her art, her life, her intense love and despair.. in one of my trips to Mexico I visited her house, now museum, in Coyoacan, Mexico DF. It was just one of the most enlightening experiences.. out of pain, beauty.

Natasha D’Souza, my lovely neighbor, is now part of The Cartel’s team. She is so much fun and really the event was so very well organized I need to praise her and the team’s work. There were Nail art, a DJ, live painting, yummy sushi and finger food, colorful drinks, models posing around and I got to see some fellow bloggers and friends. Honestly, it couldnt have been better!

The Cartel’s pieces are out of the ordinary and every time I visit them they have new cool stuff. I recommend you to visit them. Although is off the beaten path in Al Quoz is not difficult to find and it is absolutely worthy.

Here you have some pics!




Hi dears,


I am reading a book that a very good friend of mine lend me – Thanks Julie! ;) . It is about contemporary fashion designers (from Taschen) and I wanted to share with you some of extracts of the interview and some notes and facts about his life.


  • Born in Piacenza, 1934. Italy.
  • Studies medicine.
  • Worked as a Fashion buyer.
  • 1964, was hired by Nino Cerruti.
  • Successful freelance designer.
  • 1975, the brand started (with Sergio Galeotti)
  • Now the brand has 6 major fashion lines and has diversified to even hotels.
  • 2000, Major retrospective around the Globe.
  • 2005, Giorgio Armani Prive- haute couture-like collection.
  • 2009, Flagship store on fifth avenue, New York.
  • He is very caring. Helps in AIDS projects for disadvantage children.

Notes from the Interview:

I have realized ove time that I have to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs.

Q: What are your signature designs?

A: I would say that I am best known for my deconstructed jackets, for me and women.

Q: Whats your ultimate goal?

A: I like to think that I can introduce people to the idea of simplicity and elegance.

Q: Whats your definition of beauty?

A: A natural, clean, effortless quality. Beautiful people are not necessarily the best looking- more the ones with poise and self confidence.

Q: Whats your philosophy?

A: Be true to what you believe in and follow your passions.

I honestly admire his drive and his work. He is an institution in this industry.. yeah! Emporio Armani is very appropriate indeed for all he has achieved.  I am so inspired by the fact that he studied medicine and not fashion and yet in such a difficult and extra elitist world he made his mark. In a way it makes sense, when we are to study our degrees, to choose what will most probably the future professional path, we are just too young. And creativity is a very scary skill, it can make you a genius or a total fool or you might live like a fool and very much later, maybe the public gets to appreciate what you did. I am thinking Van Gogh for example.  He lived in poverty, he couldn’t sell his paintings and look now…

Still when creativity is in you, it haunts you… it is like water.. No matter what you do, it will find its way out. My suggestion is to follow your instinct and enjoy whatever the outcome. Lets just flow.




The VMAS.. my sincere opinion.

Oye eso!

Everybody is talking and tweeting and instagraming about the VMAs. Who wore what, What wore who and Who is who anyways. I am a bit lost within this celebrity sphere, specially now with so many teen series that bore me to death and for some reason, they looked the same to me (vampires and girls killing and bitching).

Lets review, as I am not too impressed at all with the looks of this year….

As usual Queen B was awesome. She looked perfect and she performed perfect. Boy! she is amazing and look like things in the house are getting better as Jay Z and the baby Blue Ivy ( is that a real name?) were there. Solange also went, she wore a H&M suit, but I kind of feel she forgot the Tshirt or something.. better do a check list for next time, dear.

Solange Knowles


























Iggy Azalea was wearing a silver Atelier Versace dress.. Very pretty in the front, but made her rear a bit too much. The dress is great, she has a beautiful silhouette but.. mmm.. no. Not sure, too stiff, not comfy or something.. she doesn’t feel like enjoying it.

Nicki Minaj came with a re short snake dress.. very much Nicki. In this VMAs there was a lot of animal print in the looks.. check Charli XCX as a tigress (terribleee!), Michelle Williams  with Giraffe print or Cynthia Watros with the zebra dress. I guess over there is a bit like the jungle and it shows somehow.

Also there was a lot of leather.. not only Miley Cyrus with her very futuristic and comfy ‘all is leather, baby’ look, Ariana Grande (Confusing look, confusing age, please don’t be Britney!) and many others choose leather as statement. I like leather, it is luxurious, soft and primitive at the same time. It is for me the material of choice. By the way, Myley says now she is retired from twerking.. No more comments. Miley Cyrus

Katy Perry came with Riff Raff in all denim matching suits from Versace. Well, it is not my taste but it is very much hers.. always playing and breaking rules and being totally random. She is like this and I love her freedom. Besides, she looks like this Marvel Super hero. Go girl go!


I have a very similar outfit to Rita Ora’s.. red, sexy, showing skin, lots of it …mine is not a dress but a silky pj’s. Not sure my mom would let me got to the VMAs with it




Taylor Swift came with a fun bodysuit, in a cute blue color and full of letters stamped all over. It is a Mary Katrantzou piece and it is not easy to rock but Taylor with thoooooose legs of half a kilometer makes it look great. I wouldn’t dare to be honest!

Charbel Zoe was the one dressing J.Lo and she looked amazing. It is the kind of dresses she likes and she looks so good in .. sexy, sensual and glittery ..very J.lo. When I went to his runway show, I was just picturing every dress for her. This is your designer my dear.

I saw some lace.. most of it white, in dresses the colors red and silver metallics were all over but I think the king was black. Like Queen B, Miley, Jenner or Chanel Iman ( amazing in that Balmain dress). Talking about Balmain.. Kim, please.. cover yourself.. In general, there was a generous display of breasts (Kim, Demi Lovato, Rita…) and skin (you saw Amber Rose’s look?.. chains and knickers.. Yallah!I am ready for the VMAs!).

Checking the guys outfits, it is all soooo different. Why we women need to show to sell, specially in this music business..? Boy! We need more Adeles in the World. Instead of the Music awards looks like a Cattle fair..


Anyways, there were outfits that I like, not because I would wear them but because they reflect the personality of the wearer.. like the one of Gwen Stefani.. totally her!. Or just because it was fun, like the one from Victoria Justice ( I don’t know who she is but I like the skirt and the #hastag bag and the fun around it!).


You want to check all these dresses and share your thoughts?… I checked them in this link from VMAs directly. The videos are there too. At the end of the day, it is about the music of these amazing performers.

Lots of luv,

Leli – Gwen Stefani