Michael Kors

Michael Kors and Mall of the Emirates are celebrating!

Recently I went to the Michael Kors store in Mall of the Emirates for a very nice event. The Mall is on its 10 anniversary and Michael Kors did a special line of bags as a celebration.

The shop was nicely decorated exposing the special “10th Year of MOE” collection and all the rest of the standard collection. Maria Elena, my partner in crime came along also. We enjoyed the drinks and the cute canapes, and got to see some other fellow bloggers. I was coming right after work, exhausted and tired but I must say that it was worthy just to have some social life and get to see new things. Some times, when deadlines are in your neck, you get that very dangerous tunnel vision and stop going out, thinking constantly in work and office stuff.

This came as a very nice break, that made me realise that I need to stop and smell the roses, in my case,.. enjoy the amazing city I live in.

I am going to leave you with some pics of the event, but hey! I work in education, and you can not miss my notes about Michael Kors, the brand, the man and a little bit about all in between.

About Michael Kors

  • Was born Karl Anderson Jr, but later changed his name and also his surname as her mother remarried Bill Kors. From Karl Anderson Jr to Michael David Kors.
  • He is a Leo (09/08/1959)
  • Started studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology but never finished.
  • His mom was a model, there you might have some “fashionable” influence.
  • From when he was 5 he showed signs of fashion designer vocation.. He drew the wedding dress of his mom for her second wedding.
  • When a teenager, he was producing and selling his clothes from the basement of his house.
  • He started to work in a Boutique that allowed him to start selling his products, eventually Bergdorf Goodman liked his designs and got to be showcased in buyers meetings.
  • 1981 Michael Kors launched his brand for womenswear.
  • 1993 hit hard with bankruptcy. The brand stopped and recover only in 1997 creating a cheaper line.
  • 1997 Michael Kors joined Celine for women’s ready to wear.
  • 2002 The menswear line is launched.
  • 2003 Michael Kors left Celine.
  • 2011 Michael Kors married his long time partner Lance LePere.
  • Now the brand has over 350 shops around the world.
  • Kors has participated in Project Runway as judge and has been nominated many times in Times magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the World.
  • 2013 He received the Couture Council Award. he also has the Geoffrey Beene lifetime achievement award from CFDA.
  • He is a good person.. he worked for years with charities (“God’s love we deliver” to take care of feeding HIV and AIDs patients) and Cancer Research (Oliver R. Grace Award by the Cancer Research Institute).
  • Today the brand has two main lines.. the Michael Kors luxury collection and the Michael, accessible luxury collection.
  • He has a personal wealth of over a billion dollars according to Forbes.

I always find inspiring to know about the designers lives. Michael Kors is like a modern phoenix, coming back to life after bankruptcy must not be easy, but talent and perseverance made him back to the top.

One Love from Dubai Marina,


Araceli Gallego


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Fashion Forward is coming very soon!

The design line up for this coming October event is impressive again.. Here you have the temporary agenda of Fashion Forward. Don´t forget to get your credentials, and get organised with time so that you don’t miss it.

FashionForward Oct2015

Keep the dates big and red flagged in your agendas:October 22nd-24th at Madinat Jumeirah and an extra day, the 25th at D3.

Thursday 22nd October – Day 1:

2pm                       STARCH FOUNDATION

2.30pm                 AMIRA HAROON (Presentation)

5pm                       NAFSIKA SKOURTI

5.30pm                 ARMY OF 1 (Presentation)

7pm                       ZAROON BY ZAREENA

8pm                       HUSSEIN BAZAZA

8.30pm                 BOUGUESSA (Presentation)

10pm                     MICHAEL CINCO

Friday 23rd October – Day 2:

1pm                       ZAID FAROUKI (Presentation)

2.30pm                 TALLER MARMO

3pm                       MASHAEL ALRAJHI

4pm                       ELIO ABOU FAYSSAL (Presentation)

5.30pm                 FATEMA FARDAN

6pm                       LAMA JOUNI

7pm                       DANY TABET

7.30pm                 ARWA AL BANAWI (Presentation)

8.30pm                 JELENA BIN DRAI

9pm                       ENDEMAGE

10pm                     YOUSEF AL-JASMI

Saturday 24th October – Day 3:

1pm                       BEDOUIN (Presentation)

2.30pm                 ORKALIA

3pm                       ZENA PRESLEY

4pm                       NASIBA HAFIZ (Presentation)

5.30pm                 SAID MAHROUF

6pm                       DIMA AYAD

7pm                       MADIYAH AL SHARQI

7.30pm                 AMBER FEROZ (Presentation)

8.30pm                 SABA TARK

9pm                       HOUSE OF NOMAD

10pm                     AMATO BY FURNE ONE


See you there!!





The family is growing.. Yes! but it is not the way you are thinking.. A few weeks ago my dear colleagues at the office got me a very special present.. a baby cat!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her little face with those huge blue eyes inside the box (with ribbon and all!).

For a minute I was speechless, full of gratitude and awe..and a bit worried. Just a week before, my husband broke the news of him relocating to South Africa.. and that means for us, more travelling to and fro. A cat or a dog at this moment -although I am a totally pet lover- seemed like an extra worry to handle, but I am so glad I got her. She is my companion now and I am so happy to come back home everyday to play with her until I am tired (she is never tired!).

Choosing a name was fairly impossible. Everybody giving suggestions and I liked them all. Eventually I performed an “auto-baptism”.. What is that? I let the cat choose. I wrote all the names in little pieces of paper, crumpled them and threw all the little papers at her.. Of course she started playing, juggling and one of the papers got her more interested.. So the chosen little crumpled paper read : Dora.

Yep! Dora, the explorer.. that she is indeed!.. but also Dora is a name of Greek origin that means “present”, “gift”.. Such a beautiful and totally to the point meaning.

So allow me to introduce you to the best present ever so far.. Dora!!…Dorita when she cuddles.

Lots of love!







Well, maybe quiet but relentless and hard worker… and definitely making his mark in Apple and the world.

Steve Jobs was definitely a leader, a disruptive visionary, Jobs “the Great”pushed so much to make his ideas a reality, but also looks like he was impulsive, intolerant, very difficult to work with or just to have around, etc.. Apple would not be what it is today if it wouldn’t have been for these two geniuses.Totally different profiles, each with their own style but both very effective.


I read in the Fortune magazine a very interesting article about Tim Cook and since I am a big fan of Apple and its products and I admire the protection and shelter offered to creativity in this company, I wanted to share with you what really strike me.

I didn’t know for example that Tim Cook was covering for Jobs medical absences and became official CEO six months before he died. The role, even though was not new to him, was very intense and to be on the spotlight and scrutiny was hard as he is a very private person. He realised that Jobs was protecting his team a lot, so that they could concentrate on the products and he intends to do the same but shares the limelight with his top management.

Jobs and him were good friends. To a point were when Jobs was sick, he offered a piece of his liver for transplant. Jobs declined but.. wow! what an act of generosity!.

He is 54, of kind nature and had to learnt to block all the nasty comments like.. “oh! Apple will not be able to innovate under Tim” or the “Well, from now on Apple will just go down the drain..” Time has proved all of  them to be wrong. Apple is financially in better shape that has never been before. It ranks better than Exxon Mobil or Microsoft.

Tim Cook has a voice and now he is not shy any more. He announced publicly that he was gay and speaks his truth about human rights, immigration, females on Wall Street, privacy rights, racial discrimination, etc.. He cares about society and its problems and has quite interesting opinions. I rather have Tim for president that Donald Trump honestly.

His team praises him because he let them do their thing and doesn’t micromanage them. Jobs was involved in every step and didn’t trust the work of his team. Tim feels more like a coach who knows that has an amazing team of people behind. I like that and I feel I have to learn to let go myself. It is difficult to delegate for me too, and well, I am not Jobs.

He is a fitness nut and wakes up super early (yep! totally not me!). Apple is now building a huge campus in Cupertino. It will hold up to 13.000 employees and will have spaces that will make your creative juices flow, a fitness center, a spa and an impressive auditorium. This new campus was designed by Norman Foster and the initial plans were initiated with Jobs being still alive and very much involved in it. I am eager to see how it will be when it is finished by 2016. The construction looks like a big spaceship.

Enough for now.. I will keep on watching this great leader.

One love,







Hi dears,

Tia Carolina has come to Dubai!!. For real. No joke. She came with her daughter, the creative director of the fragrance section of Carolina Herrera Parfums to present Herrera Confidential at the Paris Gallery in Dubai Mall.

Of course you can imagine all the glamour the duo brought to the Fashion Catwalk on that already torrid Thursday in the middle of May.



To me, she is simply Elegance (big cap on purpose). I know I am a bit classic, maybe that is why her lines go very well with me. And one thing that just amazes me is that she is 76! and she is so full of energy, so beautiful and so open and curious about the world.


A bit about her life:

  • Born in Venezuela
  • Her first couture show, when she was 13, was Balenciaga.
  • Part of the high society in New York in the 70’s.
  • Part of Studio 54’s bunch : Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, Diane von Furstenberg..
  • 1980, she started her company motivated by Diana Vreeland, the Vogue editor.
  • 1984, she started a fur collection.
  • 1987, she started a bridal line.
  • 2000, the flagship store opens in Madison Avenue.
  • 2002, CH Carolina Herrera is launched as a more affordable line. Now fragrances, handbags, shoes, menswear are part of the portfolio.
  • 2008 the brand opens in the Uk market.
  • Now brand is part of Puig.
  • Plenty of awards: New York’s Award to Excellence, Spain’s Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts and Gold medal by the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute.

With such an amazing life and such a successful career doing what she enjoys most, there is no wonder why she seems so happy and calm all the time. I found this short video about her and her vision, work processes and inspirations for the Spring /Summer 2015. By the way, I love this pique material on this sophisticated dresses and suits. It looks tres chic, it looks tres put together, it looks tres comfy. Muy bonito de veras!

YouTube Preview Image
Lots of Luv,






Hi dears,


Have you seen the new collection of Ted Baker? It is called “Pinch me” and they launched it recently at the Conrad Hotel. I must say the event was very well organised. Sticky Ginger- the PR agency- did a great job.

The new collection of Ted Baker is full of florals, soft pastels, and some super bold prints and it is inspired in day dreaming, fantasy and romance. All this together in the usual Ted Baker’s clean and structured cuts has as a result a very femenine, gentle and elegant collection.

I particularly love the print they did together with Portmeirion- the ceramics. Super sized roses and some random bugs are printed in clothes, shoes, bags.. everywhere and it looks beautiful. I tend not to like the big florals, as it reminds me of some distant aunty curtains but for some reason, this print-with bugs and all- I like.

TED BAKER PINCH METhe collection also has classic dresses with lace and some gorgeous bejewelled cropped tops, paired with the tutu full skirts.. very Audrey. Great for special occasions.
From the tropical prints. there is one that is on my wish list as it is bold, powerful and have some flavour to Peter Piloto. The print has a black base and has stargazers, hibiscus and angel’s trumpets all over.. the contrast of the black, the whites, the fucsias and the greens is very feminine and looks like you are in control. Check this picture.. like they say in Jamaica (land I love!..) Nuff said!











And this is the promotional video.. very dreamy.. hypnotic.. The place is really nice .. that castle with all those colours is beautiful!!.. I would love to know where the ad was recorded, it says somewhere in the UK but I have not clue where it is.


YouTube Preview Image

One Love,







Hi dears,

I had to show you these pics, because I am all excited with my new cool shawl. There are some good reasons why.. First of all, it is done with the crafty hands of a friend of mine and I appreciate the hand work and what is made with love and care. I have know Andrea for many years already -we are friends from my Jamaica times, you can imagine!- and she is all love and care.

Second of all, because it is totally cute, super soft and very versatile. I have used it in many occasions already and It always looks great. It is rectangular and can be used as an open poncho or as a shawl. The back has a beautiful pattern with colours. There are many colours,  this is the redish but I have another one in blue.

Andrea has always been very creative. Very soon after landing in UAE, she started with another friend her business and now she designs and stitches not only the shawls but also really cute bags and beach wear.. She does too beautiful pareos and light kaftans great for that lazy swimming pool afternoon or that “I-cant stop-it” read at the beach. I recommend you to check it not only because she is my friend, but also because her creations are worthy and you will like them.

I guess that is enough selling -lol!-, but I wouldn’t say it, if I wouldn’t like them and I love them!. Now lets go briefly through the outfit details. The black top is from Mango but I have very similar from H&M, Zara.., the long skirt is from a flea market many years ago- if I am not wrong, it was in Madrid- the bag is from Fendi, pendant from Tous, mix bangles and the super shawl from Hosaz.





Lots of love,





Stylish Flamingos in Dubai


Hi dears,

If one weekend you feel the need to be in nature and see wildlife and you are in Dubai, I have a proposal for you. It is not close to the metro, so you will need a car. It is the Flamingo Sanctuary at the Ras Al Khor area. The sanctuary has shallow waters  like mangroves that are great for these gorgeous birds, but watch out as there are more than just flamingos in Dubai. You can find many other species.

Mangroves are also a bit smelly sometimes specially when the weather is hot, just avoid the wind blowing your way if it is one of those days.


There are a pair of entrances to the sanctuary. Each of them will take you to a little house with a guard inside and plenty of pictures and info on the wildlife as posters. There are also some binoculars you can use. I took my camera and while they were busy, I used my own zoom to observe.

On the day we went, there was quite a lot of people. This and the fact that there are property development even taking over the mangrove area, made me think… it is true that everybody wants to be close to the little nature we have here but, where is the limit?. This for example, shouldn’t be allowed. Already the area is surrounded by an industrial area and plenty of roads with quite a lot of traffic. Do we really need to build right there? (This is a subliminal message to those nonexistent Dubai Urban planners). 

Anyways, back to the flamingos… Did you know?

About their beak

Flamingos filter-feed  their food ( shrimps and algae) with their beaks. They  are specially adapted to separate mud and silt from the food and are uniquely used upside-down. The filtering of food items is assisted by hairy structures called lamellae which line the mandibles, and the large rough-surfaced tongue. Only one of the jaws moves, the other is fixed.


About their pink

The pink color of flamingos comes from the betacarotenes in their diet. The more healthy, the pinkier.. and that is something the females take into account when mating. Who says guys can not wear pink now, eh??


About their size

They can measure from 80 cms to 1.40 cms.. they are BIG! and for some reason they like to stand on one leg only..who knows why.


About their name

They say it comes from their color… like of a “flame”.


And now some pics to show you my visit!!




WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVE WHAT I JUST LOVEHoping that this post inspires you to go, visit and enjoy the Dubai Flamingo Sanctuary anytime soon!



Lots of luv,


Araceli Gallego






Hi dears,

I have been watching the terrible news on TV about our beloved Nepal in the aftermath of the huge earthquakes. At the moment 3.200 people have died, no water or electricity are working, the capital Katmandu is down to rubbles, the roads are torn apart, the airport is most of the time closed, the brave montaineers at the base camp of Mount Everest are waiting to be rescued while resisting avalanches.. Not easy. The images are heartbreaking. On top of that Nepal is a small country, very dependent of tourism and now its treasures are damaged.

I want to use my humble platform in the blogosphere to ask for help. I normally cooperate with Red Cross, but if you prefer Red Crescent, go ahead and use it. They are both serious and your money will reach the neediest. If you can not donate at this moment, please send this post or the link to your friends to assist to reach more people and get more funds to assist.

They are needing hospital supplies, shelters, tents, covers, food, water and help to reconstruct the infrastructures- water, electricity, drainage, telephone lines.. All help is welcomed.

Click on the link below to start your donation and thanks a lot for all the assistance to spread the word.


One Love,


Araceli Gallego


SOS Nepal




Hi dears,

Dubai is so full of events, some times it is hard to keep up with all that happens here. For example, Shoemart celebrated just recently its 25 years. This shoe company has been already quite a while in Dubai, right? They have shops in most of the malls I like. For this anniversary, they organised an event to show their new collection for Spring / Summer 2015 with their new face, Maya Diab. She is a Lebanese actress, singer and fashion icon.

The event had two violinists playing amazingly and the music of the Dj’s after it was not bad at all. The collection was very fresh, with very bright colors and some of the very chunky soles in white plastic that are so in vogue. They also showed ballerinas and sport shoes in futuristic silver and golden shades.

There were shoes shown for every occasion… for the office, for dinner out with your better half, to go to the beach with your gang, for your day off lazing around doing nothing.. What I like most about Shoemart is that their shoes are very affordable, so you always end up buying an extra pair even if it was not on your initial list. And even if they are cheap, they don’t look cheap, which is I think the secret to their success in sales.

Well dears, I have put together some of the best pics in the collage above to be able to show you a bit of what the night held.  I fell in love with the metallic with diamond appliques shoes of the presenter -also from Shoemart- and the black transparent sandals from Maya Diab…I would say they are part of the Fantasy collection if I would be asked. They are both gorgeous don’t you think?







Hope you like the shoes and the inspiration!!

Araceli Gallego